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10. An error message: C:\Program Files\Express Technologies\World Watch\Watch32.exe is not a valid Win32 application

> Email from user 
> The email is about: WorldWatch.
> when I tried to start the program it gave me an error message: 
>"C:\Program Files\Express Technologies\World Watch\Watch32.exe is not a valid Win32 application"
> Please tell me how to fix this. 

Please do the following steps below:
1. Close your World Watch program
2. Check if you have the World Watch Alarm Support icon on your task bar (located right next to your computer clock). Right click on the World Watch icon and choose EXIT
3. Download this from 
4. Save it to [Program Files]\Express Technologies\World Watch\Watch32.exe
5. If asked whether you want to replace, click YES
6. After done downloading, click OPEN to launch your World Watch program

IF you still cannot launch World Watch after all of the steps above, then 

Next Step...
1. Remove your "Download Manager" program from Control Panel >> Add/remove program
2. Restart your machine
3. Get connected to the Internet 
4. Download file from
5. Choose Save and open it after it has finished downloading
6. You should have the latest Download Manager program (DLM) in your computer 
7. Go to Start >> Programs >> Express Technologies >> Download Manager
8. Inside Download Manager, right click on the "World Watch 8.1 Update" folder and choose Start to Reload
9. Click YES to update World Watch
10. Only After all the files are successfully downloaded, close World Watch and Download Manager.
11. Re-open World Watch, it should be working finely by now

If you are still having the problem, please contact us at +1.800.654.9548 / +1.920.337.1640.

Thank you.

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